Intelligence Gathering

The dramatic vote by the British people to order its Government to pull out of Europe has sent shock waves across the European Union and beyond. It has created a climate of uncertainty and a fog of indecision among British legislators.

Theresa May’s form commitment that she will trigger Section 50 as early as next March will set the clock ticking in a countdown to a final exit in the Spring of 2017. The British Parliament is already bracings itself for political conflict as a growing number of MPs demand a clarity that simply is not there.

On the sidelines business leaders across Europe look on not knowing how the EU’s relationship with the new EU will be structured. There are even reports that Britain is ready to pay Brussels billions of pounds every year for access to Financial Passports, something which allows the City of London trade freely across Europe.  

Ensuring that policymakers and regulators in London, Brussels and the other EU member state capitals hear and understand your business objectives will be vital in the Brexit negotiations. Only business and other representative organisations can set out clearly for decision-makers how the future trading relationship between the UK and the EU needs to look. Fundamental to your advocacy strategy should be intelligence.intell01

We can help you understand how the Brexit negotiation process will play out for your business, who the key players are, who they are listening to, and when are the essential influencing moments. We can also provide intelligence on how important your sector or industry is being considered vis-à-vis other sectors in the negotiations.

Hume Brophy’s experts can provide detailed intelligence on what is happening inside governments and the EU institutions, analysis on the impact of relevant political and regulatory developments, and insights from Brussels, Berlin, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, Hong Kong and Washington.

Our team includes senior consultants and policy experts as well as former government figures and elected representatives, civil servants and regulators. Together they provide a collective insight that can guarantee we will see an issue emerging early and be in a position to advise before many.

Working alongside them are sectoral teams in a range of industry sectors including Transport, Financial Services, Energy, Agri-food, TMT, Education and Trade.  

Hume Brophy has a unique Intelligence, Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting (IMAR) system approach to ongoing political monitoring and intelligence-gathering which ensures that all information is timely and value-added.

It is vital to stay on top of new developments and IMAR is always tailored and flexible to your needs. Providing monitoring, intelligence and contextualised guidance, as well as recommendations for action, it informs your advocacy and communications and allows you to adapt your business strategies where necessary.