International Financial Services

What we can do for your company

There’s never been a more challenging or complex environment for financial services to navigate. The demands of regulations are more onerous than ever. The expectations of customers and investors have changed dramatically from how they choose brands to how they consume information.  

And for global firms an interconnected industry means that they must be able to respond to challenges in different markets by maintaining a unified brand message.

Hume Brophy’s borderless approach delivers:

Deep knowledge of the industry, economic and political landscape

We understand the industry and the big trends in the economy, political, regulatory and media environment and help our clients adapt to them and develop smart communications strategies to reach their business goals

Expert Story Tellers

Based on a thorough analysis of your business and your stakeholders, we help you craft the right messages and tell your story in a simple, clear, consistent and compelling way.

Multi-Channel Execution

From media relations, digital and social media, direct marketing to events and advocacy, we help our clients choose and deploy the right mix of channels to ensure their message makes an impact on the audiences that matter most.

International Financial Services Sectors

Our international team works with firms across the financial services spectrum. We represent clients in asset management, banking, insurance, private equity, insurance, fintech, regulation, accountancy and law. Our international reach and true boutique approach allows us to provide the same high-quality service to all our clients, whether they are a household name or a start-up. Our in-depth knowledge of all the sectors in which we work, and our wealth of experience across every major global capital market gives our clients a cutting edge.


A company’s brand and reputation relies on being able to communicate clearly and credibly to all stakeholders. We see examples every day of major companies putting their reputations at risk because they are failing to consider all audiences.

In today’s industry, International financial services companies need to ensure their communications to investors, regulators and lawmakers and media are aligned. They must be able to resonate with audiences across major capital markets and maintain a global message.

Our borderless international team is founded on the idea of knowledge-sharing. In each campaign, we bring our focused knowledge of these audiences across all capital markets, to ensure our clients can navigate complexity with clarity.


The nature of communications has changed dramatically. A 24-hour news cycle, digital platforms and ever changing generational tastes of media consumption have recast the ways that companies must communicate. It is vital to adapt and ensure your message is heard. Whether through traditional media, social campaigns or direct engagement, our tailored multi-channel campaigns help to ensure your messages resonate with the audiences you want to reach.

All of this creates an enormous communications challenge. In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, how do you differentiate your brand, navigate a fragmented and shifting media market while speaking with a consistent voice to all your stakeholders?


At Hume Brophy, we do this by working in partnership with you to understand what is truly valuable to your business’ growth, and to pre-empt the challenges you will face. Using our knowledge of the industry’s major capital markets and regulatory centres, our experience across all communications channels, and our skillset across public, government and investor relations, we help you to create integrated narratives that are responsive to the multitude of stakeholders you need to influence.

Our borderless and integrated approach is not just a matter of geography. It is a mindset, a culture. While many big agencies are rushing to reinvent themselves as specialists with a boutique feel, a firm’s culture takes a long time to build, and even longer to change. We’re not playing at being a boutique. We’re not pretending to be borderless. It’s what’s defines Hume Brophy.