WEBINAR: Artificial intelligence: a human-centric approach

Artificial intelligence: a human-centric approach with Paul Nemitz and Matthias Pfeffer, co-authors of the book “Prinzip Mensch” – power, liberty and democracy in times of AI.

Hume Brophy invites you to a Webinar with the author of A Human-centric Approach to Artificial Intelligence, as part of our series of Webinars exploring the development of European and UK policy for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The use of AI is emerging across all sectors. New technologies are creating opportunities and exposing potential risks. The race to harness these opportunities and set new standards is fuelling fierce global competition.

In this context, building a trustworthy AI framework in accordance with European fundamental values might not only be the right thing to do but also provide a competitive edge for European companies on the global stage – if the framework is well calibrated.

But what is the impact and role of these high-level principles on the process of designing digital technology and digital business models? And what role can the industry play in contributing to the development of “responsible tech” and responsible AI systems?

Join us for this timely discussion in advance to the European Commission’s proposal on a trustworthy AI framework, expected in late Q1 this year.

Authors Mr Paul Nemitz and Mr Matthias Pfeffer will first share their unique insights. This will be followed by an open discussion looking particularly at the role of the industry in promoting responsible tech solutions and developing competitive business models that are in accordance with European values and principles.

About the speakers:

Paul Nemitz

Paul F. Nemitz is Principal Advisor in the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. Before, he was the Director responsible for Fundamental rights and Union citizenship, the lead Director for the reform of the EU data protection legislation, the negotiations of the EU – US Privacy Shield and the EU Code of Conduct against Hatespeech on the internet.

Matthias Pfeffer

Matthias Pfeffer is an independent journalist and producer, who served as managing director and editor-in-chief at FOCUS TV for over 20 years.

Moderated by Jill Craig, Managing Director, Hume Brophy

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