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Webinar Recap – Refuel EU: Will Sustainable Aviation Fuel be the way forward? w/ Søren Gade MEP

Webinar Recap – Refuel EU: Will Sustainable Aviation Fuel be the way forward? w/ Søren Gade MEP

The debate on the EU parliament position on the introduction of a mandate on sustainable fuels is coming to an end. The Rapporteur of the file Soren Gade gives an insight into the progression of the file and how members of the Transport and Tourism Committee will find a compromise toward the committee positions voiced.

Gade begins by delving into the definition of sustainable aviation fuel at current and where it will stand in the future. Throughout this investigation he highlights the three main compromises to accomplish. These compromises include SAF definition, book and claim and the blended mandate. The discussion then leads on to topics such as pricing, industry competition and the scale of sustainable aviation fuels. Gade outlined an overview on how both the ITRE and ENVI committee approach these compromise topics.

In addition, Gade investigated the approach towards non C02 effects, the Council timeline predictions, and the non-European Industry reaction to the discussions, specifically on scope. Lastly, the rapporteur mentioned the representation plan towards the Eco label and its impact on the future of the aviation industry. The final remarks include the importance of the file towards the future of aviation, employment, connectivity, and airlines.

You can view the whole video below or jump to a particular question using the links below:

4:45 What is the definition of a sustainable aviation fuel?
10:30 Price difference and availability of different types of sustainable aviation fuels. – How is this being delt with?
13:03 Price difference issue between kerosene and sustainable aviation fuels.
17:38 Fuel availability in smaller airports and the economic scale of the industry.
21:20 The impact of the file on competition and international Traffic.
25:32 Recycled carbon to feedstock – would this fit under that threshold? For ITRE & ENVI Committee.
27:51 Non-CO2 effects and how this topic would be best approached.
30:35 From his opinion is there currently much separation of the votes within groups.
33:22 With reference to Scope – how many aircraft operators or which aircraft operators are within this ? Will there be a Reduction to 52 in the TRAN committee also?
38:53 How have non-European airlines reacted to the ongoing discussions particularly with regards to scope.
40:30 Predictions around how quickly this will go with the council?
43:30 ENVI Rapporteurs and the approach to the trilogues.
46:00 How best to represent the Eco Label.
49:00 Impact on aviation industry as a whole.


Edward Strange

I am the Managing Director of Transport and Mobility, based in Penta’s Brussels office. With over 15 years’ experience in EU public affairs, I sit at the intersection of transport and sustainability policy. As part of Penta’s international transport practice, I give clients strategic advice as well as support the execution of objective driven public affairs campaigns at the EU level and in national markets.
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