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Meet our People – Malminderjit Singh, Account Director

Meet our People – Malminderjit Singh, Account Director

Malminderjit joined Hume Brophy as an Account Director in September 2021. In just under 9 months, he has proven himself an unquestionable asset and a key member of our Asia Team. He provides expertise and leadership on various projects from messaging strategies to government relations and advocacy positions.

We wanted to you to get to know Malminderjit a little bit better and find out more about his role at Hume Brophy. We’ve asked 3 questions about his career, aspirations and life in general at Hume Brophy.

Interviewer: What is the biggest career accomplishment you’ve reached in Hume Brophy?

Malminderjit: It is hard to qualify one because there have been a few. Since I have joined Hume Brophy, I have been part of teams that have helped clients navigate complex policy terrains and attain favourable outcomes, ensured clients’ product launches, narratives and announcements are amplified in traditional and digital media, help some clients successfully manage issues and crisis situations as well as effectively position them as thought leaders. The ability to help our clients achieve their goals is an accomplishment that dwarfs any. On a personal note, with the help and support of the team, I was encouraged to hit my new business targets for the year in the first six months I have been with the firm.

Interviewer: What’s the company and team culture like?

Malminderjit: In all of my professional career, I have come across few organisations that attribute so much emphasis on employee welfare and development as Hume Brophy does.. Whenever I have a milestone to celebrate or a personal challenge to overcome, I get messages of support from my Managing Director in Singapore and CEO in Dublin. They even take the time to celebrate my achievements on their social media profiles. The level of trust in employees, focus on development and recognition of contributions is extremely motivating and makes me a vested member of the Hume Brophy family. In turn, this culture forms the bedrock of a strong client-centrality ethos across the firm .

Interviewer: Why did you choose to work for Hume Brophy?

Malminderjit:  The choice to join Hume Brophy was an easy one for a few reasons. When I spoke to the Asia MD and Global CEO, I was immediately struck by the value they saw in me and were very clear about what I brought to the table and how I could contribute to the firm. That was refreshingly focused and empowering. Moreover, even though we were in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company showed strong growth trajectory. This set it apart from the many other companies, including those in the same industry. It was a reflection of the clarity, ambitions and successful track-record of Hume Brophy. I saw it as an environment I could learn from, contribute to, grow along with and support my development.



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