David Cook

David Cook

I am the Managing Director leading Hume Brophy’s international financial services practice focussing on providing clients with a borderless offer across London, Brussels, Asia and the United States. This is vital as the issues facing financial services are often international in nature and need to be considered on a cross-border basis. I have 20 years public policy experience as civil servant, regulator, diplomat and in industry. Prior to joining Hume Brophy, I was co-head of Regulatory Affairs for IHS Markit and, before that, Head of Financial Services at the UK Representation to the EU in Brussels.

In Brussels, I was responsible for all aspects of UK approaches to EU financial services during a critical time of post financial crisis reregulation and pre-Brexit dynamics and I personally lead negotiations on key legislation such as MIFID2, EMIR, MAR and UCITS. I also worked for the FSA during the financial crisis and at HM Treasury.

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