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Hong Kong

We are a sector-led, public affairs, regulatory and campaigning firm that delivers results for our clients to enhance their commercial outcomes and improve their operating environments. Our Hong Kong office gives our clients access to a global financial hub, a gateway to the economies of North Asia and access to our global team of experts across the world’s financial and political capitals.

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Our focus

Our people, your strength – we offer our clients a wealth of institutional knowledge and experience across our key international practices of Finance, Aviation, Energy and Agri-Food as well as Technology, Healthcare and Trade. We are the regulatory experts, the media experts, the public affairs and public relations experts that you need to build, manage and protect your reputation amongst stakeholders and the public alike.

Hong Kong news

Improving transparency & sustainability in EU supply chains

The European Commission is taking action to ensure companies develop sustainable corporate governance models and supply chains, reporting publicly on the environmental, social and human rights impacts of business activities and on measures they are putting in place to achieve responsible business conduct. Its initiatives will impact on companies based or operating in the EU as well as on those exporting to the EU from third countries.
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Key People

Shawn Balakrishnan

I currently serve as the Partner of Penta’s Singapore office. With close to 20 years’ experience in corporate communication, public affa...
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Thomas Kwan

I am the Managing Director of Penta's Hong Kong office and also the firm’s financial services practice lead in Asia. With close to 20 year...
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Managing Director
Hong Kong
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Transparency registry

We always disclose when we are working as lobbyists on behalf of our clients. Click here to view our EU Transparency Registry entry.​