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Penta’s international agri-food practice guides our clients through complex procedures found in agricultural, food production and chemical approvals. Combining detailed knowledge complemented by strategic public relations, we provide unique insight and guidance to an ever more diverse and regulated market.

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Our focus

The challenges of feeding an ever-growing global population while striking a balance with sustainability concerns is one which creates interest from an widening group of stakeholders. We can guide our clients through complex regulatory procedures found in food production regulation from farm to table and all the steps in between. Combining regulatory knowledge complemented by strategic public relations, we provide unique insight to the regulatory process. 

Improving transparency & sustainability in EU supply chains

The European Commission is taking action to ensure companies develop sustainable corporate governance models and supply chains, reporting publicly on the environmental, social and human rights impacts of business activities and on measures they are putting in place to achieve responsible business conduct. Its initiatives will impact on companies based or operating in the EU as well as on those exporting to the EU from third countries.
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Key People

Shiraz Dromi

I lead the Agri-Food practice in Brussels and specialize, in addition to the Agri-business, in the trade, and chemicals sectors. With over 7...
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Managing Director
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Mathilde Chatin

I currently serve as Senior Director in Penta’s London office. I am primarily involved in corporate communication projects for clients in ...
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Senior Director
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Transparency registry

We always disclose when we are working as lobbyists on behalf of our clients. Click here to view our EU Transparency Registry entry.​