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The Transport Policy Outlook: 5th September

The Transport Policy Outlook: 5th September

European Parliament: Sustainablity for the Maritime Sector under ‘FuelEU Maritime’ propsal

Ship traffic to or from ports in the European Economic Area accounts for some 11% of all EU CO2 emissions from transport and 3-4% of total EU CO2 emissions.

To decarbonise the shipping sector, the EU has proposed targers that would lower the greenhouse gas intensity over time by increasing the use of sustainable alternative fuels in European shipping and ports and by addressing:

  • Market barriers that hamper their use
  • Uncertainty about which technical options are market ready

On 4 April 2022, the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) rapporteur, Jörgen Warborn (EPP, Sweden), put forward his draft report, where he supports the level of ambition proposed by the Commission as well as the ship type and geographical scope, but warns that the added significant costs will be passed on to consumers. He proposes a review clause that would allow to fully align the EU rules with future international ones, suggests to give ship operators the possibility to use the certified actual value of emissions (not just the default reference values) and to limit the obligation to provide onshore power supply (OPS) to big ports in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and not all EU ports. He also supports a permanent tax exemption on electricity supplied through OPS.

The European Parliament is still considering its position on the FuelEU Maritime file. A debate on the topic is set to take place in the Transport Committee in early October. Fuel EU Maritime – Sustainable maritime fuels

Aviation Industry Calls for Alignment for Net Zero Vision

At the end of September the 41st ICAO Technical Assembly will take place where Sustainability will once again be the primary topic of discussion. A key element of those discussions will be the the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). An important global program to provide for carbon offsetting and reduction. The initiative is not without critics, particularly amongst western nations where the ambitions for carbon offsetting and reduction far outstrip the levels where other members of the global community are comfortable.

Another key focus is adoption of a Long Term Aspirational Goal (LTAG) to support the airline industry initiative to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

‘An LTAG agreement at ICAO will provide a playform for the right policies and regualtions to be put in place and further help airlines to make good on their 2021 resolution. It will give a strong signal to the market — airlines adopted the 2050 target and governments are reinforcing this commitment’.

— Sebastian Mikosz, IATA’s SVP, Environment and sustainability.

The decisions taken at the 41st ICAO Assembly at the end of September will be instrumental in shaping aviation sustainability policy around the world. ICAO alignment needed for net zero vision

Flightpath to the Future: UK Seeks to Create the World’s Most Reliable, Modern and Sustainable Aviation Sector

Earlier this year the United Kingdom Department for Transport (DfT) published ‘ Flightpath to the Future’, a strategic framework detailing how the UK Government intends to create the world’s most reliable, modern and sustainable aviation sector. Presented as a ten point plan, the report outlines to strengthen and support the industry over the next decade, focusing on four key areas: sustainable recovery, embracing innovations, realising benefits for the UK, and user experience.

i) Sustainable Covid-19 Recovery
ii) Strengthening the UK’s aviation standing
iii) Supporting growth in airport capacity
iv) Achieving the UK’s Jet Zero goal
v) Encouraging technology development and adoption
vi) Levelling up local areas
vii) Attracting the next generation of aviation talent
viii) Leading in General Aviation
ix) Improving the customer experience
x) Maintaining world-leading safety and security

The plans and proposals outlined in the Flightpath to the Future report are ambitions and wide-ranging, in order to ensure they progress and the ambition is realised the UK Government will also create a new body, the Aviation Council, to oversee progress in the aviation sector.

The Aviation Council will be jointly led by the Minister for Aviation and a senior industry figure, the body will bring together ministers, civil servants, and industry representatives. Flightpath to the future: a strategic framework for the aviation sector

European Parliament: State of the Union Debate September 14, 2022

As we enter the final year of the mandate of this Commission under President Von der Leyen, on September 14 she will participate in the annual State of the Union debate in the European Parliament.

Every September, the President of the European Commission comes to the European Parliament to discuss with MEPs what the Commission has done over the past year, what it intends to do in the coming year and its vision for the future. This is known as the State of the European Union debate or SOTEU.

Following the Commission President’s presentation, MEPs, as the elected representatives of EU citizens, hold the Commission to account and scrutinise its work to make sure that the key concerns of Europeans are being addressed.

The State of the EU debate influences the Commission’s work programme for the coming year.

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I am the Partner of Penta’s Transport and Mobility practice and have 15 years’ experience working in public affairs. I focus primarily on transport policy at the EU level. I specialise in dealing with heavily regulated sectors and helping our clients to develop and maintain networks with senior figures in the European Institutions. I am also a Certified Data Privacy Practitioner and provide advice on GDPR concerns.
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