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Meet our People- Nosheen Subdar, Director of Global HR and Talent

Meet our People- Nosheen Subdar, Director of Global HR and Talent

Nosheen recently joined the Hume Brophy London team as Director of Global HR and Talent. She brought in over 10 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Her skillset and experience is  fundamental for this period of growth that Hume Brophy is undertaking.

In order to get to know Nosheen a little better and understand life at Hume Brophy.


Interviewer: What does a typical day look like in your position?

Nosheen: Every day is different and unpredictable which is what I love about the job! I can be doing anything from researching benefits to reviewing annual review process or helping employees with their development and support needs or implementing new HR processes. I also spend days on recruitment or kicking off a new initiative.

Interviewer: What’s the company and team culture like?

Nosheen: At Hume Brophy we continuously work towards maintaining a positive organisational culture. I would describe our culture as a culture of recognition, one that’s caring, transparent and flexible.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to work for Hume Brophy?

Nosheen: One of the most important factors to me has always been the company culture and its core values. Hume Brophy’s core values are committed, enterprising and accountable all which are very significant to form a collaborative and connected organisation. My experience and skillset also matched the job description and certainly the businesses growth plans that Hume Brophy are working towards really excited me. Not to mention everyone I met throughout my interview process displayed a supportive, hard working and a fun company to be part of and I absolutely made the right decision.


If Nosheen’s answers intrigued you and you’re interested in discovering more about our current opportunities, click on our careers page.


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