Building Relationships

THE way in which the UK Government is run, how its structures are maintained and how its fundamental functions are organised have been transformed since the UK voted to walk away from Europe. There is an entirely new dynamic today.

In London and Brussels many public servants are being reassigned to Brexit duties and transferred into new departments and to the member states’ representations in Brussels to work Brexit. Between now and the triggering of Article 50 they are all in listening mode.

They need to hear what business representative organisations think and need to collect the opinions of those who are not in elected office or enjoy major media platforms. Hume brophy is here to help in that process.

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Intelligence Gathering

THERE is a responsibility on business leaders to ensure that policy makers and regulators right across the European Union hear and understand their policy and business objectives.

They must also understand how future trading relationships between the UK and the EU will be built and maintained. Where will the power lie and where are the opportunities in Europe’s new order?

Intelligence is the lifeblood of business and trade. It feeds its success and shapes its being. It directs strategy and development and is the foundation on which commerce is built. We can help you understand how the Brexit negotiation process will play out for your business, who the key players are listening to, and when are the essential influencing moments.

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Calculating the Cost

WE live in a new world of business uncertainty. Brexit has ensured that business directions will not move in the future as they have done in the past. There will be opportunities and challenges. Understanding where these opportunities are is now an urgent priority for companies.

Company Boards are having to re-assess their appetite for risk and they will need to be prepared for a regulatory and financial landscape that will change rapidly. Hume Brophy’s Brexit Insight quantifies the financial impact of all potential regulatory risks using a proprietary financial and risk modelling tool. It gives Board Directors, CEOs, CFOs and Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Directors the best impact and opportunity analysis of Brexit on your firm’s share price, cash flow or other major financial KPIs.

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