Macron looks into the future and paints vision of a new more integrated Europe

Emmanuel Macron has outlined his vision of a new progressive Europe underpinned by closer national cooperation across a wide range of sectors.

In his first major speech since spectacularly assuming office he painted a detailed picture of a European future with greater political and practical integration and a security and foreign policy shake-up.

Although he didn’t mention Brexit, his speech is clearly aimed at laying the groundwork for a new Europe after Britain withdraws.

Here are the main areas he addressed:

1 Security and Defence
  • Create a EU common strategic culture
  • Develop exchanges of EU soldiers at every level which include intelligence agencies
  • Create a common force by 2020 with a single budget, HQ and doctrine
  • Create an intelligence services academy
  • Reinforce an EU prosecution service.
  • Create a civilian protection against natural catastrophes.

2 Border control
  • An efficient asylum policies with responsible expulsion orders
  • Create an EU office for Asylum
  • Elaborate a program to integrate and train refugees based on the German model.

3 EU foreign policy
  • Africa is key
  • A better development support from the EU
  • Use the FTT to build a African development fund.

4 Environment/energy
  • Find a fair price on carbon
  • Create contracts for territories to support ecological transition
  • Achieve an EU single energy market
  • Create a border tax on carbon.
  • Elaborate an EU industrial strategy

5 Agri/food
  • A new CAP is required
  • Elaborate a new agricultural policy for EU with a focus on food safety
  • End the dual standard

6 Digital
  • Create a digital innovation agency
  • Reinforce data protection and IA R&D
  • A taxation for enterprises that create values in Europe even if they are not EU based
  • A better copyright protection

7 Taxation/Monetary affairs
  • A common budget for the Eurogroup partially financed by FTT and tax on digital giants and corporate tax
  • Speed up an harmonised corporate tax
  • Achieve a social convergence in terms of salary and aim to a minimum salary in Europe

8 Culture/Education
  • Develop exchange programs from secondary education with a comparable diploma equivalence like the bologna process.
  • An education roadmap needs to be done.

9 Institutional affairs
  • Use the vacant place of British MEPs for a transnational list of MEPs which would lead to a real “Spitzenkandidat” system by 2019
  • A better transparency for trade negotiation process and create a European Prosecutor in charge of enforcing trade deal.
  • A reduced EU Commission of 15 members.

10 Franco/German friendship
  • A harmonised taxation system by 2024
  • A new treaty of the Elysée the 22nd January 2018