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WEBINAR: EU sustainable recovery and trade resilience: Truth or dare?

WEBINAR: EU sustainable recovery and trade resilience: Truth or dare?

About this Event

The Covid-19 pandemic severely disrupted world trade and the efficacy of global value chains was called into question. However, many now share the view that trade is part of the answer and can be one of the pathways to recovery and jumpstarting economic growth.

In the EU, the Green Deal as such and sustainability in particular, have become inherent in the discussions on the EU recovery, linking environmental objectives to trade.

EU environmental initiatives are expected to have a significant impact on how supply chains and trade evolve in the upcoming years. In a post-pandemic world, against the background of a weaker international trading system, existing tensions between trade and environmental objectives are at risk of growing.

Join us for the first online discussion in our Trade Miniseries to discuss this timely topic.


– Christophe Hansen, Member of the European Parliament

– Madelaine Tuininga, Head of Unit, Multilateral Trade and Sustainable Development Policy, Green Deal, Conflict Minerals, DG TRADE, European Commission

– Judith Gelbman, Counsellor and Head of Section: Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, Canadian Mission to the EU

Moderated by Stuart Harbinson, Senior Adviser on International Trade, Hume Brophy

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